Great day lovers!

Now a days is is easier to prepare a wedding even at 10,000km away from your destination with just  a click of the mouse, and a few fiddles with your keyboard.

E-mail, God’s gift to the new generation.

So you want to know what area your Vendors/suppliers rates are, because if there is one thing we are conscious about during preparation is our wedding budget.

Yes you need the rate… But what use would that be if your preferred vendor/supplier is not free on that date.

Please keep in mind that in order to help facilitate booking, your preferred vendor/supplier needs every information they can.

Remember: Give your names, date, time and venue of ceremony, and time and venue of reception when inquiring for rates and packages.

Don’t worry: reputable suppliers will not change the rate just because you have an expensive venue

Important tip: read up on your preferred suppliers before you send inquiries.

Don’t send to 20 people hoping for major discounts and freebies.

 Chances are… you will get bad service and monetary losses because you got so affected by the freebies/big discounts that you failed to check on feedback.

We know way to many horror stories from these and believe me you would not want to save a few hundred/thousand of your hard earned just to be ruined by a free gift, so please do your homework.

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