Celebrate Dinesh & Raveena’s Temple wedding in Singapore

Mangalaya Dhaaranam,
This is the most important part of the ceremony.
The groom places the sacred Thaali around the bride’s neck, accompanied by holy chants and music.
The Thaali signifies the inseparable bond between the husband and wife.
Both Dinesh & Raveena are very easy to work with, although we had very little time in making our creative shots, the couple gave us good takes.
It truly is an honor and we thank you once again for making JMC Films the ones immortalizing your momentous event.
JMC Films is proud to present another joyous occasion,
witness the love of Dinesh and Raveena in our Next Day Edit.
100% HandMade Wedding Films and Stills
The universe is made up of stories
Your story is our universe…
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