Singapore Wedding of Gerald & Constance


After a decade, Gerald & Constance decided to tie the knot.

God was indeed in the middle of their relationship, eminently it was no surprise that Gerald & Constance marriage would be a blissful one to day the least.

Family & friends are in full support to their pledge, the whole church at Betsheda Bedok was filled with the warmth not only of Gerald & Constance love, but by the warmth of the holy spirit.

We are humbled and honoured to be the ones immortalising Gerald & Constance wedding. Enjoy their wedding highlight and witness how true love blossom if God is in the center of it.



2 thoughts on “Singapore Wedding of Gerald & Constance

  1. Thank you Jeri for helping us film our special moments into a video. This means a lot to us and i’m grateful for it to be captured and remembered. You and your team was so gentle with us and were ever ready to make the whole process smooth and enjoyable. evidently, we had a great time filming despite the constraints of time and pressure. thinking back, there wasn’t a moment where i got worried about how the video will look and turn out because i know that i can trust you guys. Thank you once again for such a great help.

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