The Evolution of Love



“The Evolution of Love”

There are no shortcuts in evolution.
Much more when it comes to love.

In this film we witness how two people from different planets(Mars & Venus)

Collided, acknowledge, admire, and embraced each other’s differences with a twist.

JMC Films and Jericho Cillo pictures proudly presents:

Abinesh & Moganes in another JMC Films original pre wedding film.

How can a modest story become something that would modify one’s point of view and make it his/her ¬†life.

Location: Japanese Garden Singapore

Live Like Love the Gagen and Shobana Love Story



Live, Like , Love was Gagendran and Shobana’s Love story¬†which combines comedy, dancing, aerial shot, and a whole bunch of good takes(we included the behind the scenes at the end)

Watch be inspired and learn how Gagendran and Shobana Live, Like and Love.