JMC Films TIPS for Couples Getting Married #1 Vendors/Suppliers

1. Do your homework,

I know this sounds like a no brainer, but believe me this part of the wedding preparation which has been overlooked more often than not and the end results are not favourable.

We have had a couple who liked the supplier/vendor because they were easy to talk to, they were cheap, they were smiling all the time.

I myself would sign up to whatever the supplier/vendor is selling should that be the case, but please take note.

We are talking about a once in a lifetime event here, end result matters, talk to the suppliers/vendors,ask the following questions:

1.take note of how they operate, do they have a backup plan in case they cannot make it on your big day.

2. how do they operate, do they themselves appear on your event or do they send somebody else.

3.take a look at their recent works and make sure you are agreeable with their style of work. long does it take for them to deliver the end products.

These are just part one of our wedding tips here from JMC Films,

we have been in this industry for 5years and we want to help out every couple with regards to their preparation.

An Ideal couple is a worry free couple, every couple deserves to enjoy their wedding from preparation to party time.

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