The Evolution of Love



“The Evolution of Love”

There are no shortcuts in evolution.
Much more when it comes to love.

In this film we witness how two people from different planets(Mars & Venus)

Collided, acknowledge, admire, and embraced each other’s differences with a twist.

JMC Films and Jericho Cillo pictures proudly presents:

Abinesh & Moganes in another JMC Films original pre wedding film.

How can a modest story become something that would modify one’s point of view and make it his/her  life.

Location: Japanese Garden Singapore

Live Like Love the Gagen and Shobana Love Story



Live, Like , Love was Gagendran and Shobana’s Love story which combines comedy, dancing, aerial shot, and a whole bunch of good takes(we included the behind the scenes at the end)

Watch be inspired and learn how Gagendran and Shobana Live, Like and Love.



The JMC Films Wedding show at Parkroyal on Kitchener

Nothing sweeter than seeing more than 30 couples planning to get married…

It was truly a magnificent event. Live Band, Glamorous fashion show, the food so good that you will surely take another round, the sights and sounds of love is in the air, the ambiance of Parkroyal’s is just perfect.

We are so proud to be a part & the only Photo & Video Vendors for the day.

IMG_7184 IMG_7190 IMG_7194 IMG_7156 IMG_7165 IMG_7176 image2 image4 FullSizeRender image1

and of course we would like to thank:

Mr. Itin Parkroyal Banquet manager.

Mr. Anasri Parkroyal Director of Sales and Marketing.

Mr. Jeremias Our Multimedia sponsor.

JMC films would also like to mention and thank:

Mr. Aravin ( From all of us at team JMC Films, Thank you so much Sir!)

Ms. Esther Lynn ( Big thanks Partner)

Ms. Janice Goh Business Development Manager at CLS Int. Marketing Pte Ltd

Mrs. Sheri of Singapore’s largest fleet of vintage,classic & luxury limousines.

Mr. Ivan & Ms. Shin of

-If you are looking for an extraordinary photo booth JMC Films recommends them 100%

( do contact us about special offers by keying in JMCFILMS-Print at the email header. )

and last but not the least, a big thank you to all who supported us, expect nothing but the best from all of us here at JMC Films.


Hi sir, can you please carry your bride and lets do a simple jump shot?

Hi sir, can you please carry your bride and lets do a simple jump shot?

Hi sir, can you please carry your bride and lets do a simple jump shot

Hi sir, can you please carry your bride and lets do a simple jump shot?

Beautiful cloudy day, temperature is just enough to keep just amount of warmth together with an ounce of wind, just like taking a sip of your favourite mocha frap at starbucks while enjoying your favourite playlist on your iphone (sorry android users,Mac fan here.)

So we were shooting our final scene at the barrage in Singapore, we were all relieved that the wind allowed us just enough time to fly our drone up for the aerial shot as sg50 rehearsals are ongoing, all aerial activities such as kite flying, balloonCass+Gagen7 Cass+Gagen4 Cass+Gagen2 Cass+Gagen1

popping, tossing your cat in the air ( just kidding) flying drones should all halt at 5pm.

It was a quick shoot, we had 20 people to work with, well actually 22 and a cute dog to be exact. Dodging kittens and kites, we had about less than an hour to get the shoot done.

We can hear the helicopters and jets mad loud engines from the distance.

One last shoot, before our drones will get sucked in by the mad jet engines….

We can plan our day right down to the very last minute, unfortunately we cannot plan how the weather would be, sometimes it is your best friend, often times it is your enemy.

That day it was our buddy.

It is not easy working with 22 people and a dog, but is sure is one heck of a fun time.

The photo we took of the groom surely can explain this.

Photographers and videographers would try and make the most of the time given to them to bring out the best in you and your partner.

So if they ask you sir can you please carry your bride and do a jump shot, it is not a matter of yes or no, but…

how high.