A wedding at Romulo’s of Jay & Carla

“He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.” ~Proverbs 18:22

Three Days ago Carla Sent us a message that she wanted to have a Same Day Edit on her simple wedding held at Romulo Cafe.

One of the simplest wedding we have ever done, no invites, no entourage, nothing fancy.

Just two people who wants to end 2017 together as Mr & Mrs.

Surrounded by their friends and family, we witnessed nothing but pure emotion of love, joy, tears and laughter.

2017 may be ending but to Carla & Jay it is the beginning of a stronger relationship with God and each other.

Congratulations and thank you for choosing www.myjmcfilms.com

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous 2018!


Alex + Neth SDE at Palazzo Verde

It was really a gorgeous day perfect for a garden wedding.

Alexis and Neth has been together for only 10months, but when you find the right one,

no matter the time and space, you have to get it done.

That was what we were all blessed to capture in film and stills.

Thank you Alex and Neth, we really had the pleasure of working with you.

The Evolution of Love



“The Evolution of Love”

There are no shortcuts in evolution.
Much more when it comes to love.

In this film we witness how two people from different planets(Mars & Venus)

Collided, acknowledge, admire, and embraced each other’s differences with a twist.

JMC Films and Jericho Cillo pictures proudly presents:

Abinesh & Moganes in another JMC Films original pre wedding film.

How can a modest story become something that would modify one’s point of view and make it his/her  life.

Location: Japanese Garden Singapore

Louie|Criz The Wedding

Located at Calamba Laguna,  (the birthplace of Jose Rizal, Philippines national hero) came from the word “calambanga” which means “clay jar”. Displayed at the heart of Calamba is a big clay pot which was once considered “The World’s Largest Claypot”.

Family and friends will always be a key ingredient in a successful wedding.  We have been witness to a wonderful beginning for Louie and Criz from their pre wedding to their actual wedding day. The support from their family and friends was imminent and heart warming.

As the saying goes, Once married no one loses a son or daughter but gains another son or daughter.

All the trust, Happiness and the love melted together in one large claypot called life.

Congratulations Louie and Criz on your journey further down to forever together.

#Calambawedding #jmcfilms

Louie + Criz Page 1Louie + Criz Page 31Louie + Criz Page 29Louie + Criz Page 28Louie + Criz Page 23Louie + Criz Page 16Louie + Criz Page 17Louie + Criz Page 19Louie + Criz Page 20Louie + Criz Page 21Louie + Criz Page 22Louie + Criz Page 15Louie + Criz Page 14Louie + Criz Page 13Louie + Criz Page 12Louie + Criz Page 8Louie + Criz Page 2Louie + Criz Page 3Louie + Criz Page 4Louie + Criz Page 5Louie + Criz Page 6Louie + Criz Page 30Louie + Criz Page 7Louie + Criz Page 24

The Journey Home ( Cj & Shey Prequel)

CJ & Shey Prequel
CJ & Shey Prequel

CLICK HERE for the full feature film

It was a rainy day full of hope, inspiration, and love.

The true to life love story of “The Girl Who Waited” & “The Raggedy Boy”.

They would fend off dragons and monstrous mythical creatures.
And in the end, they would always find true love.

Starring CJ Minoza & Shey Polo

Rhianna Arela B. Octaviano as little shey

Manuel Sean Philip Minoza as little cj

Makeup Special effects by Rechelle May

thank yous for the props and assistance:

octaviano family
ramirez family
cillo family
alec palomo
mark poa
jovan de ocampo

100% HandMade Wedding Films and Stills

The universe is made up of stories
Your story is our universe…

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