Client Testimonials

“Our children will watch this someday”, I whispered to my wife as tears rolled down our eyes while the SDE played on the projector.

Right from the first sit-down we had, it was readily apparent to me that Jericho was a true filmmaker who would be ever-ready to render his skills and share his extensive knowledge in his chosen craft to create something beautiful for us. I was certain that he would be sensitive and open enough to our needs and wants—and as it turned out, even our little whims during the shoots—and capture our ideas in brilliant fashion.
That, to me, was the most important aspect. We wanted someone who could do things in a professional manner, yet who would be capable and willing to be flexible enough to squeeze in our unconventional ideas and have enough know-how to execute them properly.
His ears were always open to listen to us as we expounded on the things we wanted and he would always be ready to chime in with his two cents and lend his expertise. Thus, it was this way that we created a vision of how the films for our wedding would go and it was because of Jericho’s mastery of his craft that the finished products came out as they did.
On the day of the wedding itself, Jericho and his team were always keen and ever eager to film and to capture all the precious moments as the day wore on. Every married person knows how your wedding day can breeze by and I’m glad that JMC films captured all the precious moments for us to relive and through the years.
It has been a little over three months since my wife and I got married. The emotional high of the event has subsided. We’ve gone back to the grind of everyday life.
Yet whenever I watch the films, I still get goosebumps! I still get teary-eyed.
The SDE, the prequel—and even the prequel’s short teaser—have the allure of something familiar. They make you want to revisit and relive them. It’s like watching one of your favorite movies as a child.
Yet at the same time, they have the power to draw your attention as if you were seeing them for the very first time as well. And that, to me, is the mark of a true masterpiece. Each time I watch the films, I discover something new while traversing familiar scenes.
Suffice to say, we are VERY HAPPY with the final result and should we do it all over again, we wouldn’t trust anyone else but JMC FILMS to document such a momentous occasion.

To Jericho, his lovely wife Rechelle, and his awesome team,

CJ & Shey

Chit Paraiso reviewed — 5 star

Very professional video team. Highly recommended!

Ra Veena reviewed — 5 star

JMCFilms and their crew were very attentive to what my husband and I wanted in our wedding highlights and the videography for our two wedding events. They are hardworking and are perfectionists, executing their shots with preciseness, their passion for their craft clearly eminent. Jeri of JMCFilms constantly asked for our inputs and is very easy to work with, showing us exactly how he wants our poses to look like. They are also thoughtful towards their client, for instance, one shot required me to lie down on a pool lounge chair, which I felt was uncomfortable, and upon telling Jeri this, he immediately changed his vision and made me comfortable in another pose, at the same time, not compromising the creativity of the shoot.
We wait with great anticipation for our full wedding coverage, which we believe will take our breath away, just like how the wedding highlights did.
Keep up the passion, JMCFilms!

Gagendran Nair reviewed — 5 star

JMCFilms Jeri did a wonderful job for our pre wedding video! It was good working with him, very professional yet friendly. We felt comfortable working with him and he was open to our ideas and accomodated to it. He was creative in mixing our ideas with their company’s ideas to produce an awesome video. JMCFilms is credible and they are a right choice.

Lavanya Sharugasan reviewed — 5 star

1stly so sorry for the 1 month overdue review. We are still on our post production mode. Lol
Our 1st most important criteria when hiring a vendor was their enthusiasm level, how down-to- earth and engaging they were. And Jeri you scored A+ for all. We still remember the inspirational email recapping how your career in videography began, which led us into choosing you as our official videographer for our big day. If you recall we were the Super Early Love Birds. We loved your work and didn’t see why we should jump around and search further.
Though we have yet to see the final video, the cinematic video showed us a glimpse of what we can expect. Thank you so being so patient with us and staying so late to capture the intimate moments with our families. Thank you for being part of our journey Jeri. It had been an absolute pleasure working with you!!!

Kumuthan Maderya reviewed — 5 star

One of the best decisions we made for wedding ceremony was to get Jeri and his team of dedicated professionals to capture every moment, which they transformed into an audio-visual spectacle of awesomeness. They were meticulous craftsmen with a keen eye on style, aesthetic, and fine detail. Yet, they also made sure to visualise the drama, emotions, and heartfelt celebration of the occasion. Jeri and his team were passionate with their inputs, making sure that while this was our wedding video, it would also be of high artistic quality. They were extremely fun to work with. Jeri’s directorial vision has ensured that we would cherish our wedding video for years to come. We are grateful to Jeri and his team and we strongly recommend them for any couple looking for the finest artisans to take their wedding video.

Wendell Waters reviewed — 5 star

I Love his work very professional. We had a wedding in Singapore Ritz Carlton 2011 and his job capturing my special event was just Fab. Thank you and to your people.

Neth Insigne-Forteza reviewed — 5 star

They will capture the best moments on your big day. I am so happy to will all the hard work.

Danae Orozco-Vida reviewed — 5 star

What makes JMC Films standout in this industry is the way they connect with their clients. I always knew I made the right decision to choose your team, Jeri! My guests loved both the Save the date video and Same day edit. Thank you very much from Marlone and I 

Sir Jeri and his team were very dedicated and professional. They were patient to me and to my husband in shooting our video for our wedding. It brings me to tears everytime I watch our wedding videos. We highly recommend jmc films. Thank you and more power 👍👍👍

Aw Kai Khim  recommends

Jeri is a passionate and professional photographer who gives his all. Just look at his works! Jeri is very familiar with the traditional programme in Chinese weddings and he has definitely captured the essence of the wedding day in all the pictures taken. Richard and I are very appreciative for what you have done, maraming salamat! 😍😍😍

jmc films has their passion on work which leads them not just to make a simple video clip but inspiring love story..

kudos to ur team!!🙌🙌🙌